Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission accomplished

By now, the world has heard of the death of Osama bin Laden... and if you haven't, you likely live in a cave.

When I woke up today, I realized I had unfinished lia sophia business from last night, and I had to get it taken care of ASAP this morning. So, I fired up the laptop that was still on my bedside table.

I pulled up my Internet Explorer and pops up on my home page. WOW. Holy crap!, I exclaimed. I then spent the next hour trying to explain to Ian (5) that President Obama was not dead... Usama bin Laden was dead... and to Isaac (9) how, yes, people jumped out of the Twin Towers to their death, to avoid a more horrible and uncertain death in 2001, before he was born.

Now that the kids are at school, I am taking in all of the reactions from around the world - on TV, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I am sort of surprised, to be honest. And my brain is swirling with my own thoughts on the fact that bin Laden is dead.

Remember when I posted about the death penalty and abortion? I purposely stayed away from the issue of war, because I have not given too much thought to it as it relates to death... liberty, freedom, justice, yes... the positives, yes... but not death, one of the biggest cons.

Not feeling like getting all political in this post, but I lean toward supporting justifiable war for things that we often take for granted --- life, liberty and justice.

So any way, today I will not celebrate bin Laden's death (which it is a very difficult thing as a human being because justice feels really good), but I will celebrate a mission accomplished by our dedicated military forces who have fought, risked their lives, and have given their lives in this mission, for the past 9 1/2 years.

I cannot imagine... fathom... dream of how it feels to our military to have this accomplished.    

bin Laden does not deserve any attention today, but Pentagon office workers, New York firefighters, the New York City PD, those on Flight 93, everyday Americans, and our military... they DO. I will celebrate them today. 

Let's not belittle what has been done, even though there is so much more to come.

- - -

What are your thoughts on bin Laden's death?

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