Saturday, May 7, 2011

Southern Fried

Still in Memphis. I have no idea what the Mississippi River is doing at this moment because who has time for such things?

Don't hold me to the order of events; however, my ass has been kicked by a three and five year old. Oh, and a evil, hissing black cat and a very, very bad dog.

I woke up with Lucy in my bed, sore calves and glutes.  All I did yesterday was ride a couple airplanes. Zero sleep last night. Must be the culprit.

We took a walk through the neighborhood this morning, and no one realized I am my own person. Everyone {always} thinks I am my sister, Cathy. Always. For the first time in my life, a girl who thought I was Cathy was thrown off by the size of my chest... mine was bigger. It was the bra, trust me.

Then, we headed to the playground/park. Then off to the grocery store to buy me more beer. Kidding. Or maybe not. But, we did buy corndogs.

Lunch of corn dogs (I ***LOVE*** corndogs! a certain five year old told me) that were never really consumed because no one likes corn dogs in this house.

Then came the most hellacious temper tantrum of a three year old... the works!... because of a required nap.

Then.... the best part of the day... SUN!! A couple hours of {almost} uninterrupted SUN! My skin is not on fire, but that's okay... the sacrifices I make...

The dog is a terrier, so he LOVES to retrieve balls. Never ending ball retrieval. I probably threw his ball 200 times today. Maybe 201.

Lucy and I played some soccer. She now knows the proper thrown in... feet down and ball above the head... and, she did AWESOME in the goal!

Sometime before this, we lost the pissy black cat. He has escaped into the garage, which thankfully had the door down. Yet, the cat was not to be found in the whole house. I do not have a picture of the cat for obvious reasons.

Griffin woke from his nap, and we decided to head outside for some more SUN. The kids wanted to go for a walk, so we grabbed a scooter and we were on our way. Well, not really, because the dog escaped two times before we left.

At this point, Cathy (aka Mom) called. While I am on the phone with Cathy, Lucy (age 5) BOLTS. Like really bolts around the HUGE block. A couple of turns later, she is no where to be found, and I am carrying a scooter, and trying to get Griffin to obey my commands... all while Cathy is on the  phone. Good times.

Lucy is back at her house. Waiting. Ugh. I was so mad. I figured that she would be just where she was; however, that is NOT what you want to happen when you are watching your sister's children while she is on the phone.

Lucy was sent to time out... she cried and cried and cried... then dinner... somewhere in between, we found the cat.

We had TONS of fun at dinner... giggling and laughing... trying to win the title of President of the Clean Plate Club...

And then, Lucy, who clearly had been traumatized from the retribution of running from an adult and crossing a street by herself... turned to me and said, "Can I give you a hug?"  So sweet when she realized that she can do something wrong, but I will always love her.

Both kids then took showers and ended up in their PJs!

And all living beings that I am responsible for are in the house and breathing. I only lost one kid and two pets today. Plus, I got a great sunburn.


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