Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rally to Restore Unity

This week (which ends today!), Rachel Held Evans is hosting an online “Rally to Restore Unity” at her blog for one simple reason:

Rachel believes that, as Christians, “we can disagree without calling each other heretics.” 

"The goal is to lightheartedly combat some of the vitriol coming out of the online Christian community by celebrating what we have in common and demonstrating that we can have a sense of humor when it comes to non-essential theological disagreements."

Genius! Although, the credit goes to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff.

My homemade sign above. I'm in Memphis, remember??? Plus, I am joining this week long movement on its very last day. Game almost over.

I will admit, I was a sheep. Before. Believing any and all things that Christians had to say.

Call it a maturation in my belief system, or possibly a regression depending on your viewpoint of one's trepidation with conformity, but now, I value a good debate of theology. 

I don't have to be right, and I no longer think I have all of the answers. { Psst... neither do you. }

I was given a brain by my creator, as you were, and I can think with it as He intended. I can use it to become educated about Him and his Word, regardless of my formal religious pedigree.

My next homemade sign: You can't take away my Christianity card because I am not a 'yes' {wo}man. No sir.  If you are looking for a puppet to further your empire (or let's face it... your career), you don't want me.

When we place too much emphasis on trying to get others to believe exactly what we believe (regardless of the topic)... and spend way too much time trying to control others for our own benefit... it is impossible to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.

It is my hunch that when we try to control others' beliefs and actions, God is looking down on us saying, "You fools!"  Yes, with an exclamation point.

There are way more important things for us to be doing than worrying about being just like each other in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Let's get back to doing what we encourage our children to do... it doesn't matter what others are doing or saying... you need to set a good example.  Easier said than done (and I fail miserably), but that doesn't mean we should lose focus.

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