Monday, May 16, 2011

Track finale

This one is for the family.

Audrey had her last middle school race(s) of the track season... an invitational at another school in our conference.

The top 2 (or so) from every event at each school were invited to participate in the invitational, which was yesterday in Twinsburg, OH.

Audrey was asked to run two events. The 4 x 800 relay and the 1600 meter.

At this event, she was able to achieve her PR (personal record) for the 1600 meter (1 mile), which was 6:32. And she possibly achieved her PR for the 800, but we won't know that for sure until this coming week when the relay results are given by the coaches/officials.

This was the hand-off in the 4 x 800 relay, between Audrey & Mackenzie, which is not a typical event in a regular meet, and Audrey, nor her 'mates, have ever done a hand off in a race. If you know anything about baton handoffs, you know why I mention this. They did awesome.

Because of all of her knee pain this year, Audrey will be pleased that in this picture you can actually SEE her quads. She was not blessed with strong quads and it has been a struggle all season.

That's right. She came in strong in the end of her 1600 race. It was not looking great as she was tailing a few of these ladies, but if anything, Audrey knows how to kick it in at the end of a race. She blew past them at the finish line.

I was talking to one of Audrey's coaches at the end of the invitational, and she was incredibly complimentary of Aud and her abilities. { Makes me snicker because she obviously did not get her running skillzzzz from me or Matt. }

The coach wanted Audrey (and us) to know that it was a huge honor to be asked to run in this event... there are 100 girls on the track team at Audrey's school, per the coach, and she was selected in the top 2 for two different events.  

She may have just found her thing. Until another thing comes up.

{ Side note: If this is her thing, it makes me sad that we have no more "thing searching" until she is likely gone and on her own... sniff-sniff... yes, I think of nonsense like this that makes me sad that she is growing up. We should always have a say in her things, shouldn't we? I guess only if we are paying for them... bwah-ha-ha-hhhhaaaaaa. My cries get longer and louder with every day that I live with growing "babies". }

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