Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whacked & frazzled

I've got it pretty easy. I work two full days a week in the office, and then a few hours here and there out of the office. That is a good amount of time not working out of the house.

My children are relatively self-sufficient. I don't have to change diapers, feed them in the true sense of the word, or help them get dressed (most days).

My husband works out of the house, so we see each other... a lot. He is also around to help out with carpooling or watching the boys while I am carpooling or whatever. He's a dream.

My house is clean, but not clean, clean. Those of you that have been in my house think it is clean, clean. But it isn't. Really.

But for some reason, and call it coincidence as we approach the Mother's Day holiday, I am a mentally frazzled mess.

I am all caught up with 'life'. But, I am not caught up with my cleaning, and that drives me bonkers. It is nuts really.

My house is presently not the cleanest house on the block. Neither is my garage. And, if you know me, that is huge.
It is so huge, that is has me immobilized.

I feel so overwhelmed with the woodwork, the spots on the carpet, the dog foot prints in the bedroom, the whatever it is all over my walls, the fingerprints all over, well, everything, the mud in the garage, etc. that I have just decided it is too much for me to do.

While I have chosen to 'ignore it'... it is all I can think about. It is as though I am willing the house cleaning fairy to come while I am out of town this weekend.

Here is the thing, I know that my irrational and unnecessary thoughts are just that. My house was almost perfectly clean a couple weeks ago, but then, in my mind, it has gone down hill in a snap.

There are people out there in my life that are literally changing the world... and I am worried about my darn woodwork?!? I get how silly it is. If I could only turn it 'off'.  

For the men reading this, 'the crazies', as I like to call them, are R.E.A.L. Bonfide crazies. And, if you feel the crazies coming on with the woman in your life, I suggest you just do what she says. Not. Kidding.
- - -

So, tell me, what frazzles you, unnecessarily?

- - -
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  1. you needs more medication. for reals.

  2. if you had bigger issues to worry about you would not be thinking about me on that one....

  3. I know! But, I can't just make up 'issues' to have. I'll take a life with no 'issues' but that doesn't make my crazies go away.

  4. I don't even know where to begin on this subject.... I am 100% crazy with you. I have this same issue. I have been working very hard to change things about myself, but this I can't. I am insane when it comes to having a clean house. Lately, I have been pretending that it does not bother me but it DOES!!! All the time, I think about it and become so overwhelmed that I go into a full blown freak out. I have no idea how to get rid of this issue I have... U can tell me to "let it go" til you are blue in the face and I may even pretend like I am trying to. Hmmmm. I remember a certain someone telling me to "lower my expectations" when I complained that I could not clean up.... the fact is, I can't... that is right, no can do! So...... for the time being I will be crazy right with you.

  5. you needs more medication. for reals.