Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaniqua aka Sharmecia

Sharmecia is her *given* name and Advanage is her game.

Yes, she was in my shower. She look so comfty there. Like she was meant to be in my shower. Weird.

Our shower was even too much for Shaniqua... I mean Sharmecia... why can't her name be more like 'Anne White', I asked her?  Her hat even bears her name. She doesn't even use the name Sharmecia on Facebook. Hmmm? I wonder why? She probably uses one like Anne White, don't you think?  

Shaniqua is so much easier for me. By the end of the night, Ian was also spitting out Shaniqua without trouble. But Sharmecia? At this point, I don't even know how to pronouce it.  I digress.

I am so thankful my chicken cutlets were tucked away somewhere and not on the bathroom counter, like usual. THAT would have been embarrassing. Where are my cutlets anyway???

Advanage. Awesome. But it isn't Awesome (that has formaldyhyde, Sharmecia tells me), it is Advanage. No T. Seems to do all that she, up there, says it will.

And, now you know how I will be spending my Friday.

To buy your very own Advanage, call Sharmecia Greene at 877-258-4029 or go online to (no T!), but be sure to somehow include Sharmecia's name. She was one awesome young lady that is from Detroit, Michigan. Sharmecia travels around the country year-round selling this product, and has chosen this path as a stepping stone to what she hopes is a career in medical/pharmaceutical sales. She definitely has had some serious sales training and she rocked it. And, you all should own { at least } one bottle of Advanage!

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