Friday, July 22, 2011


Last week, Audrey was flipping through pictures of our vacation in Mayleville earlier this month.

She ended up asking me why much about Mayleville has to do with beer. Beer hats, beer flags, songs about beer. Beer, beer, beer.

{There is a painted pig in our cottage with the saying, "Giving a Mayle champagne is like putting a tie on a pig."}

I could have explained to her that it is in our blood. A love of beer, thanks to our German roots (some of us have Irish sprinkled in). Some keep the love bottled up inside. Tsk, tsk.

I don't really recall my response to Audrey's question, although it was definitely something to try to appease her. I did tell her that if her Papa were alive (my Dad and our original Mayle), that he would best be able to answer her question. I was just thankful that we do not own a beer hat, a beer flag, nor do we whistle any Mayle songs about beer in our house.

And then, this came yesterday in the mail. A birthday card to Matt from my younger sister.

Hopefully, you have your glasses on because there is a small tag on the beer mug that says, "Peel Me Off  I'm a Magnet". That is all sorts of awesome.

Because my refrigerator was missing something.

Little did I know, it was a beer mug magnet.

I can't wait to see Audrey's face when she realizes this is on the refrig. If she has already, I am certain there was eye rolling and judging involved.

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