Friday, July 22, 2011

Boys are dumb

I know that sounds sexist and not very encouraging. I see the look on your face, the gasp in your breath, the shaking of the head...  when I say boys are dumb. I know you are critical of that statement. I do, I really do.

And, to some point, I agree that it is harsh. But, I have had one sucky week with my boys.

For example...

A poison ivy rash popped out all over Ian's legs on Monday. He and Ian had been playing in the woods in our neighborhood with some other boys for the past three weeks or so. But, over the weekend, they had gone into new territory in the woods, taking their fort adventures to new levels.

At some point on Monday, Isaac asked me if his lack of rash meant he wasn't allergic to poison ivy. I explained to him that it could be that; however, it likely meant he was not exposed, and he must not have walked exactly where Ian had.

So, he went back into the poison ivy on Tuesday. Just for good measure. To make sure he wasn't allergic.

Guess what?  Isaac has had a couple of miserable, itch-filled days and nights.

Yesterday, new poison ivy rash spots popped up on Ian's legs.

Guess who went back into the ivy on Tuesday with Isaac?

I do believe my point has been made.

While they are very intelligent, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I fear for their later years. I really do.

What is the dumbest thing your boy(s) has every done?

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