Monday, August 15, 2011

Jealousy... you know it.

One day, and that day may come sooner, rather than later, I may regret this post. This is one of those instances as a blogger where you repeatedly ask yourself, should I? or shouldn't I? I still have not answered myself, so I am going to share.

I know this particularly sweet nine year old, and last night, he was crying uncontrollably for no good reason. Crying and crying to the point of being annoying.

As the annoyance was creating anger in those around him, he spilled it.

He felt very guilty (and sad) for Googling "sex pictures" with his friend over a month ago on our iPad.

Needless to say (why do I feel like I am always saying that?), the images that popped up were filthy in terms of the "sex" that this particular nine year old had been educated about by his parents. Sex out of love, after you are married, which may produce children, was sooooo not what this nine year old saw. No siree.

When I asked this nine year old why he was so upset, he told me, "It is disgusting. And, I don't want to do it."

"Do what?", I said... because I thought he meant google "sex pictures" again.

"I don't want to have sex, but I want to have kids one day! Since I am never having sex, that means I can't have kids."

So now, in addition to getting our six year old to not see big giant hairy ape-like creatures in his sleep, we now need to figure out how to get our a nine year old from not viewing sex as something that is "disgusting".

The feeling you are experiencing right now is called jealousy.

Note: If you did not recieve a phone call from me about the above, your child was not involved. You can rest easy.  

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