Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super 'cited for September!

Have you been thinking about how you would LOVE to get your hands on some thirty-one products in the new fall prints?

Are you looking to getting the house re-organized again once school starts?

Or have you been thinking that your husband or son sure would like one of the new men's line messenger bags or wallets? Holiday gifts anyone?

The XXXI Messenger Bag for $98 and the Leather Money Clip Wallet for $35

SEPTEMBER is the time to be a Hostess for your own Open House to earn DOUBLE the hostess benefits (with a $500 show). You could also be a hostess for your own catalog show and earn the same DOUBLE benefits as long as you hit the $500 mark. (Catalogs shows are perfect for those of you out of the Northeast Ohio area.) Plus, the products really do sell themselves!

Hosting an Open House is as simple as serving some beverages and putting out a cheese tray (no lie!). You don't even have to clean your house because everyone will be checking out the thirty-one products, not the dust balls in the corner!

Your friends and family will enjoy a pretty awesome September special, as well. Everyone should be excited for some serious savings! 
To get more information about scheduling an Open House or having your own catalog show, email me at thewhitewords@gmail.com. Either way, I provide you with all of the tools you need to have a successful show!

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