Thursday, August 11, 2011


We all know Dooce, right? Of course we do.

Heather B. Armstrong herself has been posting some home decor and fashion style boards on her blog recently, as she puts it,  "to inspire my own creativity".

Well, how very... creative... of her.

{Um, yea, she is so effing creative, it is crazy. I am in love with her ecclectic and colorful ways. Likely because that is TOTALLY opposite of my muted and neutral ways. ::yawn:: }

FINALLY Dooce revealed that she was using Polyvore to create her style boards.

It is so incredibly paper-doll-loving-AWESOME! 

I anticipate spending many hours of the many days to come window shopping for things I will never, ever be able to afford, and when I am finished, I will have a collection of outfits whose pieces are all in one, nice concise view. Like this...

I have been saying around here and there and everywhere lately that the cupcakes and cashmere blogger chic has the life. A girl's dream. She essentially fashions ultra chic clothing in front of the camera 'all day' and then she blogs by posting those pictures. She does post some other stuff... like how to make a messy bun...  and other girlie stuff. THE LIFE, I tell you.

Anyhoo, now I can be just nothing like her on my very own blog by essentially making body-less paper dolls. I find it nothing less than entertaining.

For now.

I can't wait to window shop tomorrow!

Oh, and the word "polyvore"? Let's break it up. "Poly" means many. "Vore" means to devour and swallow. Mwahahahahahaha... Now go have some of your own Dooce-like fun at over at Polyvore!

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