Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Updates on #2 and #3

Again, for the family...

First of all, haircuts. We took the mops as long as we could. Ahhhhh... nice & fresh.


Isaac has had such an awesome, free summer of bike riding, fort making, swimming, neighborhood baseball and kick the can games. But, he is so pumped to start school, he can hardly stand it. In fact, he started 'playing' school with Ian a couple of nights ago. Other than that, we have no soccer... no art lessons... no guitar lessons... nada. With the other two's schedules, we are cool with nothing for #2.

Ian had his first day of soccer last Saturday. The second that they started drills, and he didn't know what was coming next, he cried and sat out, because he "didn't know how to do it".

But once he was able to get out an participate in the game, which was the sweetest thing you could have ever seen with a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds, he did fine. Up until the girls started pushing him. Oh those girls...

Dang! We were supposed to be practicing those drills in the back yard this week... but all he has done is hit golf balls... Ian is really digging golf and is looking pretty good! I am sure the neighbors are flinching everytime the gold balls zoom past their windows!

Ian has his Kindergarten teacher again for First Grade, and while he doesn't seem to care either way, it sure will make our transition easier! I bet she is not going to be happy with us when he has fallen way behind in his math facts and reading this summer.

Open House tonight!  First day of school tomorrow!

One of these days, momma will be sitting poolside, alone,  to celebrate...

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