Sunday, August 21, 2011

Update on Number One

Audrey. Thirteen. Sweet & full of sass.

She is social on steroids. Kid you not. You think you know. You do not.

Side note: Consider this an update for the family.

I just told someone the other day that Audrey could be friends with a stick and make it dance with her to her favorite song. And, it is true. I may have seen it happen.

She is obviously her father's daughter. Because she most certainly does not get it from me.

I cannot wait for school to start to just have what I consider a normal social calendar for Audrey. Fridays and Saturday nights were created for socializing. Instead, Audrey has some place to be every single day and night. It exhausts me, and I cannot tolerate such funness.

Children should be waiting until they leave the nest to have fun. Period.

Children under age 18 should also not be allowed to change their minds.

At the end of last soccer/track season, Audrey decided that she did not want to play club soccer anymore. The combo of sports took a toll on her physically. She declined to play in the Fall 2011 season.

But here we are, a few months later, and some sport/team separation has set in. What she had done for years was gone, but she wants it back. Audrey has genuinely missed being part of a team with a team goal (see *social on steroids* above). She missed playing with her buds and Cool Coach Clay.

The bonds she has built while on the Rockers must continue in Rocker fashion. Any other way would be unexceptable.

So, as of Saturday (yesterday) at 10:00am she was not a member of Stow Rockers, a U14 club soccer team... and now, as of 9:45pm on Sunday evening, she is a bonafide member with a player pass.

A soccer player with a team... again. 

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