Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chuck the deuce up

This one {again} is for the family... unless you, too, want to see what Audrey has been up to.

It's been picture week in our house, so I thought I would share!

Here we have the "you got your braces off so you get a *FREE* senior picture taken by Olan Mills". Who knew?! If she looks just like this in three years, we are golden.  We could save some dough on sitting fees, if you know what I mean.

This, too, could be used for her senior picture... that is, IF she plays soccer in high school.  

We shall not use this as our senior picture because we. hate. running. And, beyond October 2011, we plan on never doing it again. Yet, this time last year we *loved* running, so who knows? Who knows... really?! (thanks to Rachel for the pic!)

*THIS* is where Audrey has fun. On the soccer field. In the mud. Hmmmm... now that I think about it, we should end this fun ASAP.

In a weird twist of events, Audrey has a new found love, and aggression in, soccer. It is sort of odd, yet welcomed. Cross your fingers that what she wants come freshman year of high school will happen. If not, she always has cross country. 

(What?! You ask what that sign is that they are making with their hands? That is the gangsta sign for "Stow"... where we roll...). They are very gangsta like.

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  1. She's a doll--I love all of those Audrey's!! Lulu