Friday, September 23, 2011

They did WHAT?!

Just a friendly reminder:

There are 750 million Facebook users.

There are 750 million Facebook users who pay exactly ZERO to enjoy Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user, you are not a 'customer' that is entitled to anything. You are a pawn in Mark Zuckerberg's business game. He is selling you, not trying to sell to you. That is for the advertisers to do. You are his product, people.

You can walk away from Facebook at any time. If you are complaining about the changes in Facebook on Facebook, then maybe you should consider it. Just sayin'...

Change is hard. But the change in what you see  and how you see it on Facebook shouldn't be your biggest concern. With the upcoming Facebook timeline, more change is coming that will make it easier for Facebook to share your information.

As always...

(Audrey, listen up!)

- Be careful who you friend.
- Update your privacy settings and make sure you understand what they mean.
- Carefully consider adding apps.

Now, excuse me while I patiently wait for my turn to upgrade to timeline.

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