Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rolling in her grave

My brother is recently divorced, so as he and my sister-in-law were doing what you do when you divorce, we passed along some furniture to him that we didn't have space for in our house.

One of the pieces that I loaned him is a table that was given to me and Matt from his Great Aunt Bunn.

I had never met Aunt Bunn but I sure love the pedestal table from the Civil War era that she gave us. (Let's just say that I knew I was always her favorite.)

Yesterday, I happened to be at my brother's house.

I think we can all agree on who got the mad decorating skills in our family. 

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  1. don't let that table get very far from the family or Nana will come back to haunt you--forget Aunt Bunn rolling in her grave!!