Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thirty-One Product Ideas for September

I cannot believe September and the cooler weather (at least in Ohio!!) has made their debut!

With September, comes the perfect time to shop with Thirty-One because for every $31 you spend, you get one of the following at 50% off: *a celebrate card set, *zipper pouch, or *select wallets.  

It's a great special to start stocking up on Christmas, wedding, baby and graduation gifts.

Thirty-One offers many products with endless uses!

Pencil pouch - not just for pencils!
- clip on lunch bag thermal tote or picnic thermal tote for holding silverware
- cosmetic bag for in purse
- perfect for makeup brushes

- travel pouch for first aid items

Cinch Sac

- Put 'trick-or-treat' or 'BOOOOO!' on a black cinch sac and it makes the perfect trick-or-treat bag for Halloween
- Hold a soccer ball and water bottle, with zip pocket for shin guards

Hostess Double Zip Cosmetic Bag - not just for make-up!
- use for carrying ipad, notebook, etc ("mini briefcase')

Pinch Top Eye Glass Case....not just for glasses!
- use for holding DS/DSI or iPod touch
- use as a wallet holding keys, cellphone, money

Mini Ruffle Zipper Pouch

- accessorize outfit for a wedding
- makes great bridesmaid gifts from the Bride-to-be

Hostess XXL Utility tote

- carrying football gear
- camping

Icon Coin Purse

- clip on gym bag and use for storing head phones, ipod nano, keys, etc
- use as a travel tag on luggage as a 'stand out' marker

Tall Utility Bin

- laundry hampers for "whites, darks, towels"
- family room blankets
- toy bin / stuffed animal bin

Large Utility Totes

- Dry cleaning
- Recycles (paper)
- Carrying food to and from events
- Carrying presents/packages to houses, postoffice, etc
- Makes a great "going to grandma's" bag / travel bag
- Great for storing "junk in the trunk" of your car
- Grocery shopping and trips into Sam's Club, Costco's etc

Zipper Pouch

- first-aid kit
- handy carrier for phone chargers, batteries and flashlights
- storing sunscreen

- snacks for sports games

Cindy Tote

- makes an excellent and fashionable diaper bag

Mini On-The-Go Organizer - great for college students!

- use for cell phones and college IDs; it makes them so handy to access

And, a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about personalization, which has been updated by Thirty-One, beginning now! The following can once again be personalized upon order!

- Zipper Pouch
- Mini Zipper Pouch
- All-In-One Organizer
- Square Utility Tote

For more information about Thirty-One's products & ordering, hosting your own Thirty-One Open House to earn FREE products or to talk more about the opportunity available with Thirty-One, email me at thewhitewords@gmail.com. I would love to tell you more!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Tonight is my very first 31 party and while I love the product, I'm not that familiar yet, especially with all of its uses. So, I found you using google and you have given me lots of great ideas to use tonight and i'm not so nervous. Thanks! :)

  2. I hope your show was a success!