Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Does your neighborhood BOO? 

If you don't, here is the deal.

Families in the hood get together a bag or container of goodies for Halloween and leave it on another family's porch with instructions to BOO someone else. Every house that has been BOO'ed hangs a sign in a front window so everyone knows who has been BOO'ed, who hasn't, and no one is BOO'ed more than once.

This whole deal freaks Ian out. He really wants to BOO, which means ringing a doorbell and then running away so the house cannot ID the culprit... because technically, it should be a ghost of your neighborhood spreading the Halloween cheer. It is all very complicated and must be delivered with precision.

Enter... Ian's BOO Map for some planned (and ultimately successful) BOO'ing last night.

Before I could approve, I had to be sure we drew tennis shoes on Ian. Had I not, he would have worn his cowboys boots which certainly would have foiled the plan.

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