Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Is has been quite the week here at the white words.

After a couple years of thought, I took the plunge and shall be entering early retirement in a couple weeks. Holla!

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I have worked at the same place for 12 years. Yep, and next week, that ends.

But you know what? It feels so good to now be aware that I am in control of my own destiny (well, sort of... independent of the big guy). Ahhhh. So good.

I reached a point last week when I realized that "someone" had convinced me along the way that they were in control of my life. Bwah!!


And then, I cut off all of my hair.

I swear it doesn't look all "Carol Brady" like it looks here.

We are moving on to bigger and better things in this place, and we are so excited (and relieved) for the changes.

I can't wait until I don't come home with the life sucked out of me from negative people and negative experiences.

Change is good.

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Do you have any summer changes coming up that are exciting?

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PS: My college alma mater is off to the College World Series... that's right... WE ARE KENT STATE!  Cheer on the Golden Flashes with me, won't you?!

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