Sunday, February 14, 2010

a bunch of nothingness

Yep, that's right. I got a bunch of nothingness swirling about in my brain today. Luckily for you, I will share some of my cranial treasures. Pay attention and try to learn something!

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That, friends, is a direction for my Mom. She has recently re-joined Facebook and because of that, I know she needs this little tip. Oh, and Mom, "make the jump" can be translated to read, "Read the rest of the post."

  • I just love my friend K. I had a lovely time with her and her young, hip friends on Friday night as they went CRAZY over the Miche Bags that I brought over to share with them. Their reactions were just what someone who represents Miche is thrilled to see.  Nothing like shopping with some awesome chics over some wine and plenty of laughs. { Picture: The hubbie and K at No Doubt 2009.  It took all of my will to not post the picture of K with a plastic bag on her head as it started to rain at the concert. In the plastic bag picture, she very much resembles her future chickens.}

  • I am feeling very chill of late. Very relaxed and not pressured to do everything and everything perfectly as I would think others would expect me to do it. { This is my own warped perception, I am aware. } It is a great feeling, and I think much of 2009 was wasted on some very unhealthy imbalance in my life. Not so in 2010. I do hope that those closest to me are also feeling my calmness. Although, I still have not convinced my friend, C, that I am feeling chill. She flat out does not believe me and told me so. Hmmph.
  • I purchased some more expensive socks than I would typically do this past fall because I wear alot of "hooker heels" - no, that is not my profession so spare us the jokes - during the day, which rapidly speeds of the holeage process.  Those more expensive socks now have holes, so to the trash they go. Very soon I will run out of socks, which means spring is just around the corner!
  • Never say never when it comes to children, especially if your own children are under the age of five. I find it comical, for example, that parents with toddlers have an opinion about cell phone use for kids. { See how random my brain is working today? }  Our daughter, A, is eleven and has had a cell phone since her tenth birthday. Once we got past the novelty of the phone, it became a useful tool. Seriously. This could actually be a blog post in and of itself. For example, I have forgotten children in car pools (yes, it is true) and thankfully, they had A's cell phone number to call to let me know to get my butt back to pick them up! As we all know, pre-teen children don't like to share a whole lot about their personal lives with their parents, and outside of school, crazy kids nowadays do much of their communicating via text.  I will randomly grab A's phone and do my best to decipher the conversations, which at this age are relatively innocuous, thank goodness. Because A knows I love to rib her about her "boyfriends", she avoids discussing them with me at all costs. When she knows she will not see me for hours on end, she chooses to text me updates, such as, "I broke up with so-and-so, and now I like so-and-so." Right here is where those of you with children under the age of five will start saying things to yourself like, "My daughter will neeeevvvvveeeeerrrr be allowed to have a boyfriend before the age of sixteen!" Never say never.
  • My friend J has two boys. One is in second grade and her oldest is in fifth grade. She told me the other night that her oldest is growing up too fast, but beyond that, she could not go on because he was in the car with her. Then it hit me! I don't know anything about boys "growing up". So far, it has been a pleasure getting our daughter through the early crazy years just because I can relate to what is going on. But my boys are my babies. They should always be my babies, and I pity the fool(s) who ever screw with them.
  • I am going to get new curtains for our dining room. Found a couple prints that I like at Target, but I think I will go with this one. It is the Thomas O'Brien Brown Tribal Window Panel in brown, but it looks like the "tribal" part of the print is black. This is my attempt at going a bit more exotic. I am really digging the animal prints I have been seeing around.

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  1. I cannot wait to frame the picture of me in my chicken head bag hat in the chicken coop. :)