Saturday, March 13, 2010

partying like it's 1994!

The day is here! Our college friends and Matt's old Kent State University gymnastics teammates, Colin and Kim, are on their way from Florida to SEE US!

Colin & Kim are the friends - or they WERE per Kim - that like to stay out late, hit the clubs, drink coloful drinks, and jump up and down to really loud music. In fact, just the thought of tonight makes me want to take a nap. WE ARE SO PUMPED TO SEE THEM!

Colin is a baby-faced pilot, and if you ever see him in the cockpit as you board your plane, I would turn around and exit the terminal. Just kidding. Kind of. Sort of. You've never seen me on a plane with him... but I am sure it is safe. He only looks like he is nineteen.

Anyway. Since our favorite couple moved from Ohio to Florida a few years ago, we have seen Colin WAY more than Kim. Because let's face it, someone has to work in that family. Pilots don't work much y'all. We ususally have to GO TO Florida to see Kim, which isn't so bad, but she is coming here! SO EXCITED!

This picture is Colin & Kim from our wedding, circa 1995. Which you would have figured out eventually since THERE IS AN ASHTRAY ON THE TABLE AT OUR WEDDING RECEPTION!

I tried really hard to have a bunch of people to our place tonight so we could catch up with our Florida buds. But, no. We will START here at home, just like in college, THEN hit downtown Kent. Woot-woot! If Screwy Louie's was still open, we would so be there. Third floor, getting our jam on. Instead, we will be at the legendary Ray's Place. Can't complain.

Must go now to be sure we have access to 90's music on Pandora or that Matt has the jams cued up in his iTunes... HOLLAR!

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  1. Found your blog through The Lady Bloggers Society. Really enjoyed. Hope you have an amazing day! Jamie