Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ShāToBu: Day Two

Day #2 with the ShāToBu, and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised! I actually love wearing it and the feeling of everything being "held in". Even my co-workers have commented to me about my excellent posture!

Not only does the ShāToBu hold in all of your butt and leg cheese - making your behind and legs smooth like butta under your clothes - but, independent scientific studies from the University of Virginia also show that women who wear ShaToBu during daily activities burn UP TO 12% MORE calories during daily activities like walking or climbing stairs.... or using their under-the-desk spinner!

Like other "shaping" products on the market, the ShāToBu will be perfect for those outfits that require a tad more sleekless to a bod. In fact, yesterday while wearing it, I was able to not only put on, but fully button, some skinny pants I inherited from my sister-in-law. Today, my pants fit super-loose. Don't mind having that problem at all!

The real test of the ShāToBu will be when I don't have it on in a couple of weeks and try on those same pieces of clothing! Stay tuned...

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