Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Farmer Anne

Wow. It's been a long time since I have blogged. The last week or so has been crazy with Matt being in Chicago for 4 days (at a hair/beauty show) getting his hairdressin' on, spring break for the kids, a couple days away at a waterpark, death of an uncle, the breaking of a dishwasher, the breaking of my eyeglasses (just before I decided to scratch my eyeball, which meant no contacts), Easter, a pre-birthday celebration for Isaac (the big EIGHT is fast approaching!)... and I think that is enough.

But TODAY... oh, TODAY... is a big day. Feeling the pressure from my sister, who already created her raised garden bed this past weekend, I went online and bought one of these puppies. Not the woman, nor the flowers, but the faux stone raised bed! Sweet, isn't it? Great reviews. Great look. And perfect for suburbia when one doesn't have a privacy fence!

If you recall, not too long ago I had a post called Suburban Warfare. Well, April is here, and I am on a mission to create my perfect garden!

After I get my bed border in the mail, then I will start composting. Just this week, I heard a new term for what I thought I would try. Lasagna gardening.  Why, I happen to be a huge fan of lasagna, and I am seriously looking forward to gardening, so the term will stick!

With lasagna gardening, you create rich soil through adding layers of organic materials that will “cook down” over time. Because of my lia sophia and Miche Bag businesses, we have tons of carboard coming in every week, and we will be using grass clippings, fruits and vegetables, etc. to start the composting process and to build up our beds. I bought a 4 x 8 foot bed, so if I tried to fill it with purchased product alone, it would cost me an arm and a leg! In addition to all of this composting business, the other thing we need to get started is the spidered watering hose to lay in the bottom of the bed.

Excited. Very, very excited for this new gardening adventure. The weather in Ohio is still very iffy - 80's today and 40's on Friday. For the next few weeks, in anticipation of the last frost in May, we prepare, and wait. And likely prepare more, and wait longer. 

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