Friday, April 30, 2010

here we go!

It is 80 sun ny degrees in Northeast Ohio today, and I have been waiting for a day like this for a very long time. I have decided that I definitely suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Which is another story and I don't even know why I went there.

Okay, so not to waste any of the beautiful day, I bought all of my flowers and veggie plants last night on my way home from work. And today, as soon as the last kid was off to school, Ian and I headed outdoors. And we stayed there until... well, now.

Here are some pics on our journey from last night until today.

Naked garden

Some have asked what I am going to do about watering the raised bed. At any home improvement store, you can purchase varying lengths of the watering hoses. I purchased a couple of 6 ft. ones, connected them, and buried them under the top layer of the soil in a zig-zag fashion.

I know it is early still, but I went ahead and bought tomatoes, zucchini, onions and Bibb lettuce. I am still in need of green and red peppers.

I don't know how many of you have gardened, but I always second guess the spacing of everything. I think I bunched the onions too close, and I didn't leave enough space for two pepper plants. Live and learn.

Ian has been very anxious about getting the garden done, and I kid you not, the kid had to check the garden at least ten times today to see if the tomato plants had grown at all. He is dying to get the stakes in the garden to hold them up.

Did two pots like this. I have decided to do red, blue and white this year. Which so does not match with my hydrangea wreath, so I wonder how much longer that will be on my door. I have issues people, I am aware. 


Lowe's had these awesome ferns. I do ferns every year, and then I neglect them and they dry up and blow away. But this year, I commit to keeping them green, moist and as beautiful as they are today.

Here are my helpers who also had to replace all of the sand in the sandbox today (can you say "YUK!" to year old sand?) and mow the yard... oh AND Ian and I pulled out  daffodil bulbs that were too close to their neighbors. I have them set aside for drying out and replanting in the spring.

Now, I patiently wait for impatiens to be released to the general public, and those will be planted on the west side of the house. 

Also, in a quest last night to buy new patio cushions for the chairs, I decided that we need to retire the 6-person table and chairs that no one under age 12 will sit at because of the bees that like to loiter around our deck. Alright, I get it... I did have to remove two young nests today already... but come on... Anyways, we don't use our deck much because the table/chair/umbrella takes up so much of it.  So, instead I would like to get a "conversation set" as they like to call them. Essentially, you make an outdoor room with a loveseat and a couple comfty chairs... and possibly a coffee table.

This is the set I am after, but it is sold out online. I wait. Patiently. Checking every hour. Lake was extra, so maybe we will shoot for that next year. We can only afford so much, Matt says.

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