Thursday, November 4, 2010

God & Our Elections

Ever since it was implied that I, along with others that planned to vote for Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election, was a lesser Christian because of my voting intentions, the whole issue of God and our politics has been somewhat comical for me. Essentially, according to this person's opinion, I was not following the "Christian worldview" of voting Republican.

( Please tell me where I can find, in the Bible, the outline of decisions that I should make based on other humans' philosophies, decisions or beliefs? )

I have wanted to blog about it,  but my thoughts on the subject are, at times, difficult to organize, so everytime the topic pops into my brain, I just let it vanish... until the next time. 

Last night, I was reading a post from a blog that I am particularly fond of, called O Me of Little Faith The title of the post and the question of the day was, Does God Care Who Wins Our Elections? Jay Boyett raised this question because of Christine O'Donnell's (defeated Delaware Senate candidate) claim that God told her to run for the Senate seat.  

So, first, read the post, and then skip below to my response to that question. I was finally able to sum up my thoughts... although, I am sure you know I have MUCH more to say about the topic!

Personally, the whole idea of one candidate being "God"'s candidate is crazy. None of us, including the politicians, can measure up... regardless of your political platform.

For God to 'endorse' a certain candidate, that candidate would have to be Jesus... or grace is out the window... and sins would be measured or rated instead of sin just being sin. I doubt God, during election season, says to himself... well, it looks as though Christine O'Donnell's sins can't hold a candle to Chris Coons'. She shall be declared the winner! Doubt it. And, if she THINKS her sins are less than her opponents, then she has missed the point. This is what is so frustrating to me about fellow Christians who are adamant about THEIR candidate based on political party alone.

If you believe that so-and-so is God's candidate, yet he or she wasn't elected, what does that say? God's plan didn't come to fruition? He miscalculated votes? Oh right... I know what it says... the end times are near. And maybe they are, but for you to declare that you know they are near is as arrogant as Christine O'Donnell declaring her poll numbers would go up in response to prayers.

While we have been given the gift of free will, He knows the outcome before it happens... and it is all a part of His plan.

Politics are getting the best of us. We have stopped putting our faith in Christ ALONE, and for some odd reason (to me), we believe that politicians can solve the problems of this country or world.

Doods, the problems of this country (and I am speaking not only about abortion and political crookedness here!) are matters of the heart. And, as Christians, we need to acknowledge that the only hope we have is through Christ.

To end on a lighter note, check out this post from The Chicago Dope, which is also found in the comments section of Boyett's post. Pretty funny.

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