Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 days of truth { Day 19 } What do you think about religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I am going to tell you what I presently think about BOTH religion and politics!  Aren't YOU lucky?! ( And, I am very lucky to have you, my patient reader.)

Religion. I have many, many thoughts, although I will try to only pick a few, and I do not wish to offend anyone or anyone's beliefs in this post. I am very thankful for the 'religious' leaders in my family's life (founding pastor, lead pastor and youth pastors at our church) who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, and humbly, I might add.

My thoughts on religion also are a result of my Christian experience, as I have not practiced any other 'religion'. I am OBVIOUSLY not a theologian, however, please don't label my thoughts/opinions as immature or naive because of my lesser religious pedigree. They are well thought out, although they may differ from yours.
  • I believe in the Bible and in Biblical truth. I am aware of the countless and immeasurable hours that man has spent studying the Bible to determine its truth. However, I also believe that some religious leaders distort that truth to meet their own goals and intentions in the name of God. The secular world is guilty of Biblical distortion to meet its needs, as well. In this world, in this life, does it all come down to interpretation? It is a question I have been asking often lately.
  • Religion, and its denominations, are man made. So is the 'Christian worldview' of many topics, issues and positions. As with any man made system, religion involves a hierarchy of status... the haves and the have-nots... the worthy and the unworthy... the bad and the good.
  • To my point above, there are 'essentials' and 'nonessentials' when it comes to the Bible. Often times, through religion, we focus too much on the nonessentials because it makes us feel superior to others through our beliefs and actions or we feel it will assist us in 'earning' something. 
  • Organized religion is a business, and while even the best spiritual leader has the goal of personal eternal salvation (i.e. heaven) at the forefront of his/her mind, there is always a business to be dealt with soon thereafter. With business, comes politics.
  • We all believe in our own "truth". And, I have said to myself numerous times... "What if...?" I guess that is where faith comes in.

  • For some, even the religiously devout, politics is their religion. They put more faith in the government than their own God. I don't get that, but whatever.
  • For many, politics or political affiliation has more to do with their 'religion' or upbringing than what they truly believe. They hear what others around them have to say and attach to those beliefs instead of claiming their own.
  • I do believe we can learn from one another's political opinions and through those, our beliefs may change. I wish we would do that more and dig our heels in less.
  • While I truly believe that most politicians who devote their lives to this vocation wake up every morning with the intention of making a difference in others' lives, they are in it for themselves. We all are just 'in it' for ourselves, after all.
  • I don't believe anyone in politics has 'the answer'. If they did, we wouldn't constantly be in a mess. We all think we are right. Hence, the game of politics.
  • It surprises me that more folks aren't moderate in their political beliefs. Or maybe they are, and we just can't hear them over the left and the right.
  • Personally, I would like the option to vote for Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Garth Brooks. The three of them seem to have more sense than both major political parties combined.  
Okay, I am done. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to vote (above... brown bar...gracias!)

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