Monday, March 28, 2011

New to my Google Reader

And you should add them to yours.

I just ran across these two blogs this weekend. One I already shared with you at some point over the past couple of days, but I will do it again, because as we all know, it takes you three times for me to say something for you to do something about it.

I found this one when I was on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny... what is that you say? Hahaha... you know what it is, silly. Now, take a sec and click the badge to the left of this post, and vote for me today.

Then, check out Kristen's blog, whose life is threaded with those in Haiti:

When you have Google Reader, Google will give you suggestions of blogs based on the others in your reader. I obviously got this suggestion because of my subscription to Kristen's... it is the blog of an American family in Haiti who are doing amazing things.

Both of their stories and blogs are fascinating (both include their own personal stores of the 2010 earthquake), and when I read them, I wonder if we - the Whites - are doing all we can.

We give money. We send gifts. We don't adopt children or open safe houses for at risk teen mothers.

But dang, these families have allowed their lives to be completely changed and morphed, not for themselves, but for others. Not to fulfill something inside of them, but out of pure selflessness.

A friend once said to me that he thought many of of us were meant to do our part through the giving of money. Some were given different talents and gifts to use - not that giving your money is a gift or talent - and maybe we aren't all designed to go and be with those we are giving our money to. I wonder if that is true, or if it is more of a way for us to stay detached from it all for our own mental and emotional well-being.

I am so digressing here from the simple promotion of some blogs I have fallen in love with... okay, so check them out. I know you will enjoy and hopefully will be inspired.

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