Friday, April 29, 2011

On the fence

Picket Fence Blogs is also a blog directory that my blog is listed in. And, TODAY, they have reset their counters, which means you can click below on the "We're on the Fence" button to tell them you like my blog, if in fact, you do. This is also a button that you can click on once per day.

The Royal Wedding, #16 on AND a reset on Picket Fence Blogs... the stars ARE aligned today!

By the way, once awake today, I was totally sucked into the Royal Wedding. I turned on the TV just as Barbara Walters was saying (as Wills and Kate were walking down the aisle), "Ohhh, I hope the children are watching. Wake the children. This is an important day." 

I have kept and eye on the TV all morning watching snippets. Kate is so elegant and beautiful and princess-like. Fabulous day.

- - -

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