Thursday, April 7, 2011

Track 101

Audrey's first middle school track meet was this afternoon/evening. Because it last for hours. Hours.

I ran track my freshman and sophmore years of high school. I hated running (I know, crazy  you'd think with my current love for running that I was a four-time marathoner). In fact, while running the 400, I would end up cursing my own self out loud while I ran... I once paid someone to run for me in an event... and track was about smoking cigarettes on the way to practice (or between the busses during meets) and meeting some cool people from other schools (who also smoked between the busses during meets). Kids those days.

Not for my baby girl. Track is social hour(s). Hours. Her cigs stay at home.

Audrey & Regan

Track buddies
Audrey is smack dab in the center.
Can you see the look of nervousness on her face?

Kenzie & Audrey --- they even run together!

Audrey even socializes while waiting at the line for the gun! I know all about these girls, because she also started with them for a second race. She knows where they live, what sports they play, what classes they are in... etc.

Audrey had a blast and she ran really well for not really knowing what to expect. I don't think she will need to pay anyone to run for her. As long as her sticks stay home.

- - -

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