Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aloe is my friend

I love the sun, but early in the season before I have my full tan on, it is a love/hate relationship.

For some unknown reason, this white bred chick didn't think she needed suncreen yesterday at the pool. Needless to say, the overnight was painful, as was the rest of the day spent, again, at the pool.

Isaac wearing his balloon crown courtesy of Mr. Balloon Guy.

 Ian and his balloon fish hat.
This was yesteday. Today, Ian ended up life-jacketless and swimming like a fish!

The ever popular monkey on a banana tree balloon hat.

My stud.

Ian and his buddy from his preschool days.

Isaac went all studly today, too.

Could life get any better for two almost eighth graders?

1 comment:

  1. Fun in the sun! Those balloon hats are cute! Going swimming with the family is definitely one of my favorite things to do every summer. :)