Friday, May 6, 2011


This weekend, Audrey is at a retreat with her youth group from church. Matt, Isaac and Ian are all together at Spring Camp with Indian Guides.

And, as any good mother (or aunt) would do during her Mother's Day weekend alone, I am in Memphis, as the Big Muddy is flooding the city, watching Lucy and Griffin, my niece and nephew. My sister, Cathy, and her husband, Aaron, are on their way to Atlanta for a weekend away. Awwwww.... how sweet.

I have obviously forgotten what it is like to have two kids under the age of 5. Whoa, bessy. 'Zausted.

Cathy and Aaron have been gone for about two and a half hours. Check this out. TWO AND A HALF HOURS.

We swang in the backyard. (Griffin)

We shared flowers with me. (Lucy)

Lucy and her favorite Aunt. Pretty sure I will lose that title after this weekend.

We played with the hose.

We had an 'underwear on our head' party.

We Oooo'ed-and-Ahhhh'd over Lucy's Perfect Attendance trophy from gymnastics. Go Lucy!

Um, we ate lots of cucumbers, even though Mom said we don't like them.
Oh, the get up? Well, HIS bathing suit doesn't fit him. Geez.

Before this, we had dinner, and Lucy almost vomited from gagging on the spaghetti sauce. I swear, all I did was open the jar that Cathy told me to.

Lots and lots of sprinkler fun in our pretty suits.

I threw the ball with Lefty, who is SO not right that they called him Lefty.
All sorts of bad, this dog is.

We sat in 'Time Out' for spitting in Griffin's face repeatedly.

We watched Lefty do this over and over again... which led to this...

It was about here that I made the executive decision to not give the kids a bath because I had to give the dumb dog one. My weekend, my rules.

And now, the sweet angels are doing this. Watching Bambi,
the viewing of which was 'won' by Griffin.

- - -

So, give me a pat on the back by voting... eh? I don't like sitting at  #13. Really.

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