Monday, August 15, 2011

Big stuff at thirty-one

You have said it LOUD & CLEAR and the folks at thirty-one have listened!

Beginning September 1, 2011, the following WILL be able to be PERSONALIZED once again!

- Zipper Pouch
- Mini Zipper Pouch
- All-In-One Organizer
- Square Utility Tote

GREAT news for all of us, as these are definitely in the category of 'post popular' items, BECAUSE they COULD be personalized. So, kudos to the decision makers at thirty-one!

Don't forget the AWESOME specials for September! My calendar is JUST ABOUT full... who am I kidding... it IS full... but if you wanted to try to squeeze your own open house in, I am game! We can make it work!

September Specials ~ Double dollar days are here!

September Hostesses will double up this month when we double their FREE product dollars starting at the $500 party level! So when a Hostess' party reaches $500, she'll get $180 in FREE products - and when her party hits $1,200, she'll get $500 in FREE products!
(The number of half-priced items and Hostess Exclusive products remains the same at each party level.)

Customers will shop 'til they drop because they can save 50% on select popular styles in
September. For every $31 they spend, they can get one of these items at half-price:

- Zipper Pouch
- Celebrate Card Set (set of 31 cards)
- Select Wallets - Coin Purse, Essentials Zip, Hard Case, Organizing or Soft Wallet (my new favorite is the Organizing Wallet - simply awesome to carry in your purse as a wallet or with its strap as a clutch!)

And, we now have the October specials to reveal! Right now my October is looking good and flexible!

October Specials
If you host a $500 party in October, you can get a must-have Large Utility Tote (LUT) for only $5 - that's a savings of $25! I have FOUR of the LUT and I NEED THEM ALL to stay organized! The LUT is THE work horse of thirty-one! It is definitely worth it to have a show to get this product for $5.

For every $31 your Customers spend in October, they can purchase a versatile 7-pocket Organizing Utility Tote for just $7 to keep or give as a gift this holiday season! That's a savings of $18! 7 pockets for $7! You cannot beat it, and everyone NEEDS one!

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your open house TODAY and enjoy all that thirty-one has to offer you, your friends & family to make your life more organized (and stylish!). If you would like to know more about the opportunity with thirty-one, shoot me an email and I can answer any questions that you have! If you are local, let's meet up!

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