Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where have you been?

Hello friends...

It has been quite a long time in blog days, don't you think?

I've been MIA for a week or so, mentally and physically. But, I am hoping that as I find some consistency and clarity in my days (and thoughts) very soon to once again put some words on this screen that actually mean something.

I have had to revisit this blog post in the past week to remind myself that everyone isn't going to like what I do, and, that is okay regardless of who they are. When the shit hits the fan is, however, when you determine if you really care whether or not others like the decisions you have made. But, what I have realized this past week is that in most situations, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, regardless of how much thought or prep has gone into a decision. So, unless you have walked in my shoes, and I mean like in them, not next to them, I am not sure I care if you agree with me or not. Plain and simple. Conflict is just stressful. Yuk.

In addition to said drama of above, school has started, and while we all super excited for SCHOOL!, it is just change, and change is hard... blah, blah, blah. New teachers, new circles of friends, new stuff, just new, new, new.

Isaac has this thing going on right now where he thinks he is going to tell us what's happening and what he is going to do. Uh, negative. We aren't really sure what his behavior is like in school, but at home, he is about ready to get his butt kicked right into next week. He starts martial arts classes tomorrow, so my fingers are crossed that instills in him some sort of discipline. If not, we may look at boot camp for 4th graders. Or next week. I think it has some openings for kids that are pissing their parents off.

Ian is now sleeping through the night again. No, he is not our 8 month old. HE IS SIX! Sleeping through the night is so superbly awesome, as I am sure you will agree, but Momma may need to up her meds (again!) if he doesn't stop with needing to know where I am at all times... if it is getting night time... are we going to see Stowfoot again... I don't like Stowfoot... exhausting, Ian is right now. And, do you know that he will not even go into the dark basement by himself to fetch him Momma a beer? This is getting unacceptable on all levels. Plus, he will likely go blind from sleeping with his lights on all night long. But hey, we are all getting a good night's sleep. Except for me and Matt, when we don't sleep.

Audrey does not want spoken to unless she speaks first. Her privacy has been terribly violated by recall of my most recent memory (since I was the one violating it) in search of something since she is all of thirteen and in eighth grade now... so she must be evil and doing something wrong. Her life is consumed with school, soccer and cross country. We are cool with that - after all, it keeps her away from her electronics, which may be of the devil. New rule this year. All homework must be done at the kitchen table. Any "B"s get electronics taken away. Boo-yah! (Just kidding... simma down...)

We are looking forward to a most *relaxing* time away this weekend for the holiday weekend. Take all of the above and put it into one minivan for 9 hours at a time, twice within 4 days. Good. Relaxing. Stuff.

Sometimes you just need some time { and time away } to put things into perspective. As a wise woman said to me recently, time and truth go hand in hand. Ain't that the truth.

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