Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On why he is awesome, and I suck { & am possibly stupid }

Me: It is balls hot in here. {I had just vaccumed the entire house.}

Me:  ::huffing::puffing::sweating:: 

Matt: I guess I should have told you that I have a surprise coming for you on Friday. A late birthday present.

Me: You are having the house cleaned, aren't you?

Matt: ::blank stare::

Me: We just cleaned this entire house. The house is clean. We don't need the house cleaned again on Friday.

I walked out of room.

I walked back into room.

Me: I appreciate it, but cancel it. I will use the gift later when I need it.

Matt: But I scheduled her to come every month.

Me: We do not need the house cleaned every month. Our house is clean. I am home three days a week. We do not need someone to clean the house. I can clean the house. That is crazy.

Matt: Then, why are you bitching about it all of the time?

Me: Because sometimes I get overwhelmed and I don't want to do it.

 - simultaneously -
 Matt: Then stop bitching about it.            Me: I will not stop bitching about it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have come to one of the following conclusions.  

A. Matt, in his awesomeness, is trying to tell me that he loves me enough to spend a stupid amount of money every month to have our clean house re-cleaned by a stranger.

B. I driven him to the point of crazy, in that he was willing to spend a stupid amount of cash every month to shut me up about how dirty our house is and how much I hate to clean it.

C. I am crazy.

D. I am stupid.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
No, thank you. I don't need your opinion.