Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

There have only been two times that I can recall when I was utterly astounded by a man's opinion of women in the workplace (or the White House as it happens to be in one situation).

The first was when Matt and I were in a structured group at our church on a Sunday morning, and a couple was asked to introduce themselves and tell more about their family. The husband said something to the effect that the wife had finally found her wits about her when she realized her place is in the home and not in corporate America. The group, made up of men and women, laughed... except for me. Why would you laugh as such an obvious asinine and sexist comment? I don't get it.

The second time was when I watched this video, which is the trailer to Miss Representation, a documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, that premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and aired on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in October and November of this year. It is short. Take a second and watch.

What's the downside with a woman being in the Oval Office? PMS and mood swings?

I don't consider myself a feminist. But I believe that girls and women can achieve anything they want in life, independent of any man or the media. 

The two men had pretty douchey things to imply about women, and if they say them out loud , what messages are their daughters hearing at home? Will their boys going to grow up with the same disrespect for women?

I could rant... but I won't...

The documentary trailer speaks for itself, but may I say that it is so important that we insure that our daughters AND our sons do not use media (ALL media) as the measure of what a girl can do, who she can become, and how she can impact her world, regardless if that world is her home, corporate America, a classroom or the mission field in Africa.

A girl's world may certainly change over time, but regardless of what stage she is in her life, she needs real life role models - of both genders - who respect women and their roles in society, not just in principle but with purpose.

The Miss Representation film is not scheduled to air again on OWN that I can see, and it is not yet available on DVD, but you can head to the website and check out what is presently offered in terms of education, and you can also put yourself on the list to be notified when the DVD is released.

I want to know... have you seen the film yourself, and  do you know of any school districts that have viewed the film and/or have included its curriculum in their own?

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