Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special days.

Matt has started a tradition in our house that his Dad had with his own children -  "special days".

We have a weekly rotation of the family members, and the lucky individual of the week gets to spend Saturday doing something special with Matt. Special person's choice. BIG hit in our house.

This past Saturday was the "family special day", so against her will, Audrey was able to spend - gasp! - all day with us! The whole fam-damily.

Together, we watched the boys play tennis, we went bowling, and we dined.

Special day, indeed.

What you cannot see from these pictures is that those smiles on the kids' faces? Forced.

Me? Most annoying parent on the planet that should not even speak. And, the nerve of me to want to capture our special family day via a camera. Gawd. A N N O Y I N G

And, those cute boys? Disobedient little punks who cannot follow simple commands. Awww... look how big they have gotten! So sweet...

And, yep... that is pretty much how we have rolled for the past few weeks... special days and all...

My "special day" with Matt is supposed to be this weekend... it was be very special as I recuperate from having my umbilical hernia repaired (on Friday).

Actually, being left alone and not responsible for another living creature for at least a day is just the kind of "special" I need. Sort of giddy at the thought of it.

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  1. That's a nice tradition. And you're right- not being responsible for anybody for just one day is the stuff that moms dream about.