Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Lots

Taking the cue from my friend, Colleen, I have been bidding on lots of clothes on ebay. Not alot of clothes, just lots, as in batches.  It has been incredibly fun, yet terribly addicting. Why is it that other peep's clothes look so much cuter than my own?!?  And, as long as they are clean without armpit stains, I am game. It is all about recycling and reusing, after all. Right?

Wanted to share my new goods with you...

A couple weeks ago, I bought EIGHT skirts for $26.00 (S/H included in that amount). Do the math... waiting... waiting... yes, $3.25 per skirt. And, they are CUTE. Most fit perfectly, and one of the eight will be sold at our garage sale because it looks like something my younger sister, Cathy wore at a homecoming dance in 1991.

And yesterday, apparently as a gift to myself to use the money that Matt saved on the dishwasher, I recieved a box of 30 pieces of clothing/purses. We know I won't use the two purses because I always have my Miche on... and some of the clothes I knew I wouldn't/couldn't wear. But, the price was right, and I hate to lose. Seems I have gotten more competitve with age. Go figure.

Out of the 30 pieces, I couldn't wear what I thought were the three cutest shirts, so that sucked. One had a broken zipper, one was too big, and one was way too small. Takes me to 25 pieces, because we also took out the purses. I CAN count. 

I couldn't wear one pant, two jeans and two shorts. Two items looked like something my Mom would wear (and she may!). One tank top was attrocious, and the other Audrey can wear.

Down to 17 pieces of wearable, fashionable clothing. With shipping/handling, it comes to $7.50 each. And, I never had to leave the comfort of my keyboard. I may have paid a tad too much, but I will recoup some of it when I sell the unused at our garage sale... or at the consignment store. It is one big tranfer of crap for goods.

Here are the ones that survived the paring.

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  1. I want to check 'em all out... even the rejects