Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten of 2010

All over the blogging community, people are posting their "Top Ten" lists for random and sundry things. {Random and sundry things... that should have been the name of my blog, now that I think about it.}

So here I am, albeit late to the game, with my own list. Top Ten of 2010 for the white words will be those ten things that defined my year.

For the record, these are in no particular order... as #6 would definitely make the #1 slot.

10. Joseph became the sixth member of the White family.
9. The legend of Stowfoot is born.

8. Lenny became the seventh member of the White family.
7. Created my first garden and ate of its goodness all summer long.
6. Fifteen years celebrated on the gorgeous island of St. John with our BFFs.
5. Altercation with Ian and Rico.
4. ize-T was launched and we have been so blessed to be able to help the Altieri family.

3. Summer vacation in Mayleville.
2. Our house truly becomes the Jolt CMS headquarters.
1. My high school class celebrated being adults (I use the term loosely) for the past 20 years.

As I look back, I think, to a degree, I did what I had hoped to do in 2010.

In review, I still feel as though I am living someone else's life and not really experiencing my own. A friend of mine with two young children said she feels the same, but is that normal? I always feel like I am on the periphery looking in... never really experiencing it.  I should up my meds. I have slowed down, and I continue to struggle with my perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive ways, which quite frankly, are strengths, no matter how you spin it. :-)  Yes. They are. Um, and yea... I fully conquered the 'personal opinions don't matter to me', I think.

Now, for 2011. Two thousand and eleven will (hopefully) bring...
  • Water. Clean, accessible water. Our family will be committed to building wells on the other side of the world for those who don't have the luxury that we take for granted and, quite frankly, abuse.
  • New desk and dresser set up in our master bedroom. With me and Matt home - together - most of the time now, things are getting a little close. I need my own space, damnit, and I don't mean one in the laundry room or grocery store, where it seems I have spent most of my time since going to part-time work.
  • If I don't put some effort into my wardrobe, I literally will be in sweats (and likely the same sweats I woke up in) for all of my days. Have you seen this blog? Fashion hottness. We are the frumps of the earth here in the Midwest. No more for the Whites. No. More.
  • Garden double. Double the garden, double the goodness. I cannot wait.
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